incorporation processing
incorporation processing

Incorporation Processing - S Corp and LLC

The idea of starting a new company (S Corp and LLC) can create a lot of joy and motivation but there are many hurdles and hoops to jump through. The financial choices made in the beginning often predict whether a start-up will reach success or run out of gas quickly. For example, choosing the correct infrastructure is a crucial part of reducing your tax burden and increasing your profits. Don’t make the common mistakes. Let this Miami Consulting Firm help you setup for success.

S corps are considered pass-through entities, which means that your business doesn’t pay taxes on the profits you earn—you, the owner do. Unlike C corps, where both the business and owners pay income taxes, an S corp avoids double taxation as a pass-through entity.

Need help forming an S Corp or LLCOur Miami Bookkeeping & Consulting Firm can assist you and make sure it’s setup properly for the long term.

S Corp vs LLC

The difference between an LLC and an S Corp is really about taxes. Revenue generated by a Limited Liability Corporation is considered taxable personal income. In an S Corporation, you can deduct business expenses from a company’s taxable income.