ap ar consultation
ap ar consultation

Miami Accounts Receivable Consulting

Accounts receivable are a company’s outstanding invoices or money owed by its clients.

An easy way to understand accounts receivables is to say they are a company’s unpaid sales by their customers. It’s a kind of credit that companies extend to clients and payments are usually due within a few days to a year. Essentially, the company accepts an IOU from the customer in good faith that they will be paid.

Accounts receivable are usually considered an asset on a company’s balance sheet because the customer is legally obligated to pay the debt.

Recording and tracking receivables has seen huge advances with the widespread implementation of cloud (online) invoice delivery and easy payment processing.

Accounts receivable are the opposite of accounts payable. Accounts payable are debts that a company owes to their suppliers and vendors, whereas accounts receivable are debts owed to the company by their customers.

Giavic, a Miami Consulting firm can advise you in all of these areas.

Miami Accounts Receivable Consulting Firm - A/P & A/R Consultation

Accounts receivable can often get away from you and most of the time the answer is the hiring a professional accounts receivable and accounts payable consulting firm. Giavic Consulting, LLC is a cost efficient consulting service that will maximize the effectiveness and profitability of your accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Accounts receivable consultants at Giavic have years of experience in accounts receivable. We know what it takes to optimize an A/P & A/R operation and add more money faster to your bottom line.

Our consultants use a very simple methodology to turn around a company’s accounts receivable.